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In this category you will find GUNS FOR SOFTAIR airsoft guns, airsoft green guns Beretta, Glock, Colt 1911, Mauser, APX, Taurus, Tanfoglio, Desert Eagle, Cyma electric guns, full metal scraping guns and fixed carriage, revolver a softair drum, spring pistols, Bruni and Kimar pick-up pistols, Roni kits from the best brands Hfc, We, Umarex, Keymore, APS, Stark Arms, Cyberun, WG, STTI.
On Softair Rastelli store are available pistols for you Air Soft match! The best guns online of big brands and with a perfect quality. So here you can find an impeccable list of some most advanced and top reliable pistols list which can help you select the most appropriate for yourself
Furthermore, if you are having second thoughts regarding affordability issues then lie back as all of these are highly affordable. So let’s begin:
Desert Eagle with Reinforced Spring Black/Desert Cyber gun
First up we have the classic Desert Eagle with Reinforced Spring Black/Desert Cyber gun by the brand Cyber gun. This pistol by Cyber Gun is 217mm in length while it weighs around 350 grams. The black colored pistol is manufactured with a reinforced spring and an n original brand logo imprinted on it.
Furthermore, this real model replica has the magazine capacity of approximately 190 BBs which is impressive for the safety reasons. This is not the end you can also ask for the Plastic Airsoft Bbs 0,12g 1000rd with the purchase of this Desert Eagle with Reinforced Spring Black/Desert Cyber gun by the brand. So book this amazing pistol for you now without any tension of affordability as the price for this one is what every man jack can endure. 
Derringer Model 6mm Caliber Silver Model
Next up we have the ITALY KIMAR company coming up with this fantastic Derringer Model 6mm Caliber Silver Model just for you. However, before we proceed with cool features of this amazing pistol, it is essential to notify that to grab any pistol or such relevant things you need to provide some necessary information to ensure that it is being used for the safest purpose, including:

  • Insert document type and number
  • Issuing authority and place of issue
  • 18 years age

Now getting back to the features, so this silver beauty has 2 MOVABLE BARREL FROM 3" roughly.  The DERRINGER MODEL has 6mm CALIBER with the plastic grip. The pistol is 365 g in weight and 13 cm in length. Also, you can get a black colored plastic made packaging case, and you can also order for the blank case form 6 mm in addition to this gun. Now, you must be thinking about the pricing criteria right? Well, don’t worry as the label takes care of the affordability of every needy person. So you can easily book one without spending a single penny beyond your budget. You can also carry it with yourself in case you are traveling or a night hiking plan where you think you will need it.
Usp Tactical Model with Silencer by Umarex Heckler & Koch
Following up we have the Usp Tactical Model With Silencer By Umarex Heckler & Koch from the company UMAREX WITH ROYALTY HECKLER & KOCH which has always been coming up with amazing pistols that men with fondness towards ordnances love. So, what’s so unique about this705 g heavy pistol with 21.5 cm long without a silencer and roughly 34 cm with a muffler? Well, let us have a look at its features to get an answer to this question. This polymer gun is auto and completely automatic which sets you free from loading it over and over again. However, the best part which makes it outshine is that this battery gun has a safe system inbuilt. With 6 mm caliber, its magazine has a capacity of 30 BBs. While ordering this beauty for yourself, you will get a gun along with a metal silencer, a battery with a charger and a 50 0.12 BBs ceramic as a complete package. The story makes no end here; you can also order for the super amazing Glock Cm.030 Hi-Cap Magazine along with the purchase of this gun. To end, talking about the elephant of the room which is pricing, so don’t worry as the Usp Tactical Model with Silencer by Umarex Heckler & Koch is entirely within your means.
WOW! That was a list of some fantastic pistols lined up for you. Know you must be under thoughtful consideration which one to book as each one has some amazing features pre-installed in them. However, make sure that you keep this entirely out of the reach of the kind under 18 to ensure the utmost safety of your near and dear ones.